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Vaisakhi Health Camps

It was a Vaisakhi sewa. We offered free sugar and BP testing for consecutive 4 days outside the Gurudwara Saheb.


It was such a humbling experience to offer sewa to different sewadars who were performing various volunteering activities (preparing chappatis, Sabji, washing utensils so on and so forth).


We could manage to serve 100 patients and large number of patients (Approximately 40 percent were Hypertensive and around 20 percent were found to be Diabetic/Prediabetic range). Many of them were carrying dangerously high sugar (400+) and bp(180+) with no symptoms. They were thoroughly counselled for the change of medicine (through follow up with the Doctor) and lifestyle and diet recommendations.


Also for those who were in the normal range, a Pre-Diabetic questionnaire was shared to find the risk to getting any diabetes in future.

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