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Doctor and Patient

Thank You

For helping to make a difference

Measuring Your Impact

Sanjhi-Sehat Organization is a non-profit initiative headquartered in Amritsar, India. Our mission is to provide affordable and quality primary healthcare services in slums/semi-urban/rural areas of Punjab. We have already established our first clinic in Dhapai area of Amritsar. We have also started outreach camps to initially screen patients for Diabetes and Hypertension and provide comprehensive medical advice to promote patient compliance.


Medicines for 1 Patient for 1 Month


Full Body Lab Tests for 1 Patient


Full Treatment for Diabetic Hypertension Patient 1 month


1 Outreach Camp


Help Our Cause

All contributions made to Sanjhi Sehat Organization are eligible for tax benefits under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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