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Community Service for Dan Utsav : Spreading the Millet Magic

On the occasion of Dan Utsav, Team Sanjhi-Sehat, dedicated to combating Diabetes and Hypertension among the underserved, orchestrated a transformative session at Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Dhapai Road, Amritsar. The star of the event was Ms. Poonam Sharma, a disciple of Dr. Khader Vali, renowned as the Millets Man of India.

The event commenced with the distribution of free millets, skillfully prepared and generously donated by Ms. Poonam. The aroma of freshly prepared millet smoothies filled the air, drawing a massive and eager gathering.

Ms. Poonam Sharma, a proud resident of Amritsar, took the stage and unfolded her personal journey. She shared a poignant tale of grappling with hormonal issues at a tender age and the remarkable turnaround she experienced through the incorporation of millets into her life. The twist in the narrative? The smoothies she introduced as medicine, transforming the way attendees perceived healthcare. Intriguingly, most attendees arrived with the expectation of receiving conventional pills but left pleasantly surprised, having sipped on a medicinal millet smoothie. For many, it was a groundbreaking experience, perhaps their first encounter with medicine in such a natural, flavorful form.

Community Gathering for Sanjhi Sehat Dan Utsav

Initially planned for 30 minutes, the session stretched to an hour due to the audience's keenness and interest. Ms. Poonam Sharma delved into the nuances of Positive, Neutral, and Negative Grains, unraveling their effects on the body. The discussion didn't stop at millets; it extended to holistic lifestyle changes, including the use of mud pots, physical exercise, and the benefits of yoga. The engagement of the audience was palpable as they actively participated in an open discussion about their health and well-being.

The promise made by Sanjhi-Sehat to continue sharing knowledge resonated strongly, fostering a sense of community commitment to healthier living. In the end, it was more than a session; it was an enriching experience for everyone present. Sanjhi-Sehat reaffirmed its dedication to stopping Diabetes and Hypertension through comprehensive care. The event was not just about millets; it was about empowering individuals to make informed choices for a healthier, more vibrant life.

As the millet magic continues to spread, Sanjhi-Sehat stands at the forefront, inspiring positive changes and fostering a community that thrives on well-being and shared knowledge.


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